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Do you often feel stuck, overwhelmed, or that you are not living your best life?  Do you say to yourself “If only I could” _____ (fill in the blank: make more money, lose 10 pounds, take a vacation, etc.), then I would be able to live the life I’ve always imagined? Maybe you're looking for someone to talk to about your job, relationships, life goals, challenges, or negative thinking patterns. 


Therapy is NOT a "one size fits all" process, and as a therapist I work closely with my clients to help them navigate life’s challenges.


I strive to create a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment in which we can work together to address concerns and challenges that have led you to therapy. 


I work with individuals and families in addressing a variety of concerns, including working with artists and creative people, due to my background in musical theatre and the performing arts.

I work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, and practice cultural humility as an advocate and ally to promote social justice.

I use various treatment modalities such as music, podcasts, art, and narrative therapy with my clients, especially if you are working through a creative block or struggling with perfectionism.

I also focus on life transitions, addiction, relationship challenges, women's issues, and anxiety/depression.


Prior to pursing clinical social work and therapy, I studied acting and musical theatre and received my BFA from UC Irvine. I know the entertainment world, the struggles with auditioning, perfectionism, rejection, and all of the challenges that come with being a creative artist. I pursued graduate school with the idea that one day I would help others 

find their own balance and success.


My work with creative people informs my therapeutic process when working with teens and young adults, addiction and recovery, life transitions, women's issues,

and the challenges we all face as human beings.


When I'm not seeing private practice clients, I work as a clinical social worker/therapist in a residential therapeutic facility for teenagers on probation. This further enables me to hone my clinical skills in working with adolescent and family dynamics, oppositional defiant behaviors, complex trauma, developmental life stages, legal challenges, grief and loss, school struggles, family reunification, and relationships. 

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